3 Interns, 3 Stylists, 3 Events, 3 Hours Competition

It's the old dilemma - you need experience to get into the event styling business but event stylists won't hire you until they've seen your portfolio of events you've styled.

If you're a Melbourne student wanting to become an event stylist, here's your big chance to get noticed by the event industry!

Take part in a competition on 27 July 2018 to style three events from one of three event stylists.

You and two other students will each need to produce three styled tablescapes, for a wedding, a corporate event and a private party, for one of 3 event stylists every 60 minutes (total 3 hours) on the same day.

The resulting photography and videos (3 each) will be promoted online, via social media and through press releases.

You receive an invaluable opportunity:

  • to show your creativity and flair while delivering 3 client briefs in real-time and while being videoed
  • to negotiate with and manage suppliers 
  • to use your time management skills in delivery and installation management
  • to provide real-life fast-paced event styling executions
  • to receive social media exposure
  • to add 3 styled tablescape shots to your portfolio
  • to add 3 YouTube videos for your portfolio
  • for an internship and/or a job with an event stylist

Competition date: 27 July 2018
Duration: 11am-2pm shoot, bump-in 10am, bump-out 4pm
Venue: No 1 Events, 1 Golfer Drive, Malvern
Event types: One of each of a wedding, corporate event, and private party
Event styling duration: One hour per event type x 3 events

Briefs: You receive 3 briefs (in dot points or a Pinterest-y style moodboard or a highly prescriptive, detailed list - just like real-life clients) for tablescapes for a wedding, corporate product launch and a private party
Decor products: You must select as many relevant themed event decor hire items as possible from https://www.myeventdecor.com.au 
Additional props: You must research and contact suppliers for other products not supplied by My Event Decor and negotiate their provision and delivery eg table linen, stationery, and other props for the styled shoot in return for crediting the supplier/s in the video, press releases and social media. All additional props MUST be attributed to an existing decor hire or other prop supplier for publicity purposes.
Assistance: You may bring a few friends to help you set up on the day for each event but it will be you who will receive the publicity and social media mentions for your CV.

This will be a tough, high-pressure, and unpaid but very rewarding project. You are competing to show your stuff!

Contact us NOW if you'd like to participate.


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