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4 Ways Guests Accidentally Steal Your Rented Event Decor

January 02, 2018

Did you know there are four completely preventable ways that your guests might think it's alright to keep (OK, steal hired decor from your special event that's not actually theirs to take home?

Whether they're drunk, being naughty or just plain rude, it can cost you money if things go missing that you've hired from event decor rental companies.

In temptation's way
I'm sorry to say, but gift cards can often be stolen from wedding wishing wells. There have been cases where not only the gift cards, but the actual wishing well was stolen, too.

Solution: There are several solutions here:

  • Choose large wishing wells that can be locked AND that are so large as to be obvious when someone is carrying it away
  • Place your wishing well box on your bridal table.
  • Select a responsible person to watch over it.
  • Request that all guests place their gift cards in it before main course is served, and then have it locked up in the hotel or venue back office.

Bad and/or ambiguous labelling
Guests tend to assume that certain decor hire items are guest favours if they have their names on them, or their name tags are at least connected or attached to them.

So if you hire napkin rings, and you have tied name tags to the rings, they'll think their napkin ring you're renting is a take-home gift.

You will lose your bond and may pay more as well for the cost of replacement.

Solution: only place your guest's name on an item you WANT them to have as a guest favour.

Whether it's their name piped in icing on a cookie, a single posy vase, personalised perspex menu or a sticker on a guest favour, this will make it obvious that THIS item is theirs to take home.

Or hire only very large items that guests can't carry out...

Multiples of the item
If you've grouped several of the same products together on the table, such as small lanterns, the sheer quantity can look like a guest favour because it looks like there's enough for your fellow table guests to select one as a take-home gift.

Solution: Make sure any multiple decor items are far less than the number of guests at the table. Don't place 20 hired tealight candle holders on a table of 10 guests, for example.

End of night clearing-up
Your venue staff can accidentally cause you to lose things by clearing up the wrong items and placing them together.

They think they're being helpful gathering up all the rented table numbers on the table with the floral centrepieces - but guests often think this is the take-home gift table.

Solution: Brief your bridal party on what can be taken home, what is being rented, and what needs to be taken to the kitchen etc for safe-keeping for the decor hire company. Check that the rented items have a "this is the property of" type stickers underneath.

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