5 White Christmas Themes For Your VIP Client Dinner

October 19, 2021

If Covid-19 is making you hesitate to organise large corporate celebrations this festive season, why not consider planning an exclusive white Christmas dinner for a handful of your VIP clients, your top-performing sales team, or hey, even the whole company if you're a micro-business!

Here's five inspiration-worthy white Christmas themes to consider for your festive feast.

Glamorous white Christmas

Everyone expects Christmas events to be decorated in a traditional red and glossy gold colour scheme, but why not have a completely glamorous dinner decorated in silver, clear, and white? This is a classy, cool decor theme which focuses your styling attention most effectively as you have three "colours" to use.

Here you'd look to silver, pearlised white and clear baubles, silver mercury tealight holders and/or crystal cube votives, etched glass hurricane lanterns, glass cloches, small square glass cube vases, white marble cube vases, silver napkin holders, gleaming crystal glassware, silver candlesticks and a white tablecloth. For something different, direct guests to your celebrations via a silver foil mirror aisle runner.

Why not offer your guests a drink of mint-infused water from a clear glass Christmas tree-shaped drinks dispenser?

Scandi white Christmas

Scandinavia is of course, the region famous for a snowy white Christmas. This takes real skill in pulling back and refining your decorative elements so they don't veer into rustic, let alone into glamorous.

In a Scandi white Christmas themed event you'd be looking to create a dinner table decorated in colours of grey, limewashed white, sage green, and mushroom. There is barely any glitter. The Christmas tree is flocked with faux snow to mimic the view outside. Illuminated decorations add a warm, inviting glow but they don't flicker and there are certainly no tizzy, gaudy baubles nor multi-coloured string lights.

Imagine a family landlocked by snow drifts, pulling out their antique family heirloom Christmas decorations (possibly handmade), their presents wrapped in brown paper. There are masses of faux pillar candles (real ones are hot in summer, remember) in wooden lanterns. Naturally discarded deer antlers dot the table. You could choose between a snow-dusted pre-lit tree or a Scandi birch tree with LED tips.

Beach white Christmas

As the world's smallest continent, Australia is surrounded by approximately 34,000km of coastline, making us very keen on the beach indeed. Why not acknowledge our island status with a beach-themed white Christmas? 

Create a knockout impact with a lobster pot pendant light or two suspended over your table or perhaps a wild hula skirt style seagrass chandelier.

Hire large faux clamshells to serve beer, wine and/or champagne on ice, as well as prawns, oysters, lemons and limes in medium clamshells. Or use them as decorations in their own right with a beachy boho assortment of coral, shells, driftwood, dried plants and balsawood balls.

Add lighting on the floor or on surrounding shelves with raffia-wrapped lanterns. Hire bamboo chairs for a party of eight, or invest in a pair of rattan egg chairs for photo opportunities.

Rustic white Christmas

A rustic white Christmas is not dissimilar to a Scandi white Christmas in theme in that the aim is to use as many natural materials as possible, avoiding as man-made items and products made of plastic, for example.

But it may not be practical to haul a real, living 9ft Christmas pine tree into your premises, and nor might your venue agree to you using real wax candles in their historic winery.

To create the Scandi Christmas look, seek elements that can create the atmosphere you're seeking, such as a rustic dining table, or pallet crate bars, tables and seating, wooden wine barrels and ladders.

You could make an incredible impact by installing an antler chandelier, or a series of amber glass decanter pendant lights.

If you can, and do use wax pillar candles, make sure they're housed in deep cylinder glass vases to avoid the chance of fire. Decorate the table with fragrant rosemary, eucalyptus or pine branches. Add visual warmth with burnished gold vases, and copper candlesticks. If you need extra seating, order portable, foldable wooden chairs.

Hamptons white Christmas

A Hamptons white Christmas lets you borrow elements from both glamour and Scandi, as well as a bit of the beach white Christmas theme.

A Hamptons white Christmas comprises blue, white, and sunbleached beach colours.

As the Hamptons mansions are famously located on Long Island, these holiday homes frequently feature beach-related decor, such as oars, nets, yacht models and maps, as well as clam shells, coral and shells.

The blues can be navy, cobalt and/or turquoise and a combination of glossy and matt. You can use decorative elements of pearlised white, gloss white, clear and limewashed white.

A special touch would be to include personalised monogrammed white linen napkins for each guest.

The finishes are brushed and gloss silver or mercury glass silver, but gold is used sparingly, and copper not at all.

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