5 Guest Favours That Match Your Event Decor Theme

If you're having a specific event decor theme, it's nice to be able to continue your theme with cleverly thought-out matching guest favours. Here's 5 themed guest bomboniere ideas:

If you're having a geek-theme wedding, items that come packaged in test tubes are a fun way to slyly point to your Big Bang Theory decor.  Our tea in test tube guest favours appeals to men and women.


Bit of gold bling? Absolutely. Create an instant blast of gold glamour with our mirrored gold bomboniere boxes to contain a little treat which come with a sticker for your logo or thank you message. They'll definitely keep these!

These gorgeous olive sapling keepsakes might be best for a Greek, Spanish or Italian inspired product launch, store opening or special event, The olive branch has long symbolised peace, longevity and wisdom - just want everyone needs!

Our fun thank you wine bottle tags have a touch of retro fever about them, decorated in retro dots, show your appreciation and by using the blank underside, you can also use them as place cards.


If you're having a drinks product launch or wish to thank your VIPs with a permanent keepsake, look no further than our monogrammed gold whisky tumblers. Everyone LOVES their own intials!

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