5 Staff or Corporate Client Christmas or Thank You Gifts Under $9 Each

If you have staff and/or corporate clients you want to recognise and appreciate them at Christmas with a special gift.

Whether you hand each gift to them personally or order them as corporate guest favours for your Christmas event, here's five gift ideas costing under $9 per person available in sets of 50, 25 or 10.

A thoughtful, unisex and universally popular Christmas gift is anything to do with food! If they can keep it on their desk, even better!

Enter the all-time popular snack dispenser of a mini red gumball machine. With enough room for 50g of sweets that you can choose to match your corporate colours or perhaps to allude to your industry (ie Smarties for an IT company), these are a cute idea at $299 for a set of 50.

Everyone love to have a little plant on their desk. But only a few of us are real greenthumbs at heart.

Why not help add oxygen and a little bit of nature to the office by ordering your staff or corporate clients Christmas gifts of our set of 50 hardy little succulents in glass jars. You can either have their name written on the chalkboard label or a message printed on the kraft paper tag. $409.

For a sweet treat that doubles as a thank you that's guaranteed to be polished off in seconds, give your lucky recipients an individually wrapped scrumptious gingerbread biscuit expertly iced with your corporate logo.

Available in hard-to-resist flavours of vanilla, chocolate, ginger, lemon spice or rosemary in a set of 24 for $119.

If you have many female clients or staff members, they might like our pretty apothecary jar soy candle gifts available in delicious fragrances like butterscotch, chocolate, coconut lime, French pear, lemon zest, lime papaya, mango, musk, strawberry or vanilla.

You can also customise the label with your logo and a message and choose the bow colour to match your branding. Set of 25 for $199.

Ideal, of course for Halloween but great fun for staff who are goths or IT geeks or hey, work in the craniofacial unit, are our fun skull-shaped lollipops available in glittering red, lime green or bright pink.

They're randomly flavoured in lemonade, raspberry, watermelon, strawberry & cream, raspberry lemonade or apple. Set of 10 for $50.


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