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6 Things You Need To Know About Renting Dancefloors

November 20, 2017

If you've been inspired by the glossy white dancefloors on Instagram featuring a huge monogram decal of the couple's initials you may have been tempted to order one for yourself.

But there's a few things you need to consider.

How big is your event and what type is it?
A wedding with 300 guests will clearly need a bigger reception space than an intimate affair for 60 guests.

But how many of them do you anticipate will dance?

It depends on your guests. Kids love to dance as do most women, while many men don't. What is the gender and age groups of your guest list?

A breakfast or lunchtime wedding does not usually include dancing - so you may prefer to book an after-party at a different venue for the dancing - while big, boisterous Greek, Italian and Middle Eastern weddings do. 

What is the available space for dancing?
Allow one square metre per guest for comfortable dancing (not moshpit dancing)! This means you'd need to allow an area of at least 4m x 5m for 20 people to have room to dance.

If your guest numbers are fewer than the venue's capacity ie it seats 150 and you have 100 guests, you will have enough space for 50 guests for dancing.

As a sidenote, you can fit more guests in the same space if you hire long communal tables rather than round tables. 

If you have a large number of guests who are reluctant to dance (ie many men!), or who are frail and elderly and unable to bop the night away, you could get away with a modest dancefloor of 5m x 5m (25 square metres) which allows 25 people on the dancefloor.

Does the venue have a dedicated dancefloor already?
You might be surprised to discover that Melbourne has the highest rate of venues with dedicated dancefloors. with 54% of its venues having this facility according to Venuemob.

However, the rate of venues with existing dancefloors drops in the other capital cities - with Canberra the worst city for providing dancefloors in their venues. (Don't politicians like to dance?!)

Only 41% of venues in Sydney, 25% in Brisbane, 21% in Darwin, 19% in Perth, 18% in Hobart, 14% in Adelaide, and 9% in Canberra have a dedicated dancefloor or dance area. 

A dedicated dancefloor will clearly mean you don't need to pay extra to hire your own - but you also may not get the one you have your heart set on.

Venues with dedicated dancefloors usually say no to decals
Very few reception venues with dedicated dancefloors are willing to let couples stick decals on the dancefloor.

Even if they're removable, people forget to remove decals in all the excitement of the wedding, thus placing the responsibility back on the venue to remove and clean the dancefloor before the next booking.

Another option is to rent a gobo light machine to illuminate your custom names or initials onto the dancefloor. No mess, no fuss!

However, you do need a dark parquetry or black dancefloor - not white or checkerboard - as the gobo monogram light is white.

What is the dancefloor surface material?
When you do your site visit, check out the dancefloor or dancing area.

Marble, polished concrete and hardwood parquetry dancefloors are easy to clean but can be surprisingly slippery and dangerous if a guest spills a drink.

Carpeted venues are far more comfortable to dance on - and guests are far less likely to slip on a carpeted floor. Carefully consider if you even need to rent a dancefloor - a professionally designed gobo light will look good on a dark carpet, too.

Dancefloors can match your wedding theme
If you do want to rent dancefloors, choosing the right one can help match your theme.

Glossy white dancefloors are best for glamorous weddings while black and white checkerboards are ideal for Art Deco or vintage events.

A fun retro theme wedding is crying out for a Saturday Night Fever illuminated dancefloor.

Plain wooden floors are most connected with a rustic theme or garden theme wedding.

What you need to know about renting dancefloors
Your dancefloor rental price is by the square metre, with delivery, installation and pickup an added cost.

Even a simple parquetry or black and white checkerboard floor will cost around $30 per square metre. This is why you need to carefully consider how many people you want dancing at any one time!

Most event hire companies will not agree to removable decals being placed on their dancefloors unless they are the special white glossy ones which have been specifically coated to allow easy, instant decal removal.

The cost of hiring these special white glossy dancefloors is far higher than regular parquetry or checkerboard dancefloors.

For example, hiring an 8m x 8m dancefloor (which would allow up to 65 people to dance) with a gold monogram decal measuring about 2m x 2m for visual impact costs about $3,500.

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