6 Ways To Create An Eco-Friendly Corporate Event

February 19, 2018

If you’re really committed to helping the environment and reducing your contribution to biodegradable waste, you can make your product launch, store opening, expo, festival, charity gala or corporate event as eco-friendly as possible.

Here are 6 ways to really make an eco-friendly event happen.

The smaller size, the better
Trim down your guest list to VIPs and influencers.

People LOVE to feel as though they're invited to a very exclusive industry event with other movers and shakers.

The fewer guests, the more intimate and special the celebration is, and the less environmental impact you’ll be contributing. Smaller size parties produce less waste. Worried they'll look empty? Here's what you do to visually fill your venue.

Schedule a daytime event 
If your product is natural in its theme, hold a day-time event to lessen the reliance on electricity. It could be a morning breakfast, an exclusive brunch, or if it's summer, a cocktail party designed to run until twilight, and then use as many candles as you can!

Choose venues close to public transport

Not only are venues near multiple means of public transport better for the environment with fewer people driving, it also means they can enjoy themselves with more than one glass of wine. Keep in mind many guests do not appreciate being invited to venue locations where the only option is driving and not drinking, trying to organise a lift with a colleague, or an expensive taxi ride home. It may even cause them to decline your invite!

Send out email invitations
Evite and other electronic invitation systems make it so easy to create a guest list, and monitor RSVPs. You'll have your guests' email address but it creates extra work to obtain their street address and costs money to send paper invitations which will end up in the bin.

Hire local suppliers
Local suppliers create less impact on the environment because they have less distance to travel. They also charge less for delivery fees. In addition, they can come to your rescue quickly if you need additional items.

Give eco-friendly guest favours
Cleverly considered guest favours are kinder to the environment because they are either consumed on the spot (such as edible guest favours), or they are taken home to be used and/or displayed.

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