7 Cool Corporate Take Home Gifts Your Guests Will Actually Love

January 20, 2024

There's nothing more disheartening than providing guest favours at your corporate event dinner, only to see them left behind.

This compilation of 7 cool gift ideas will ensure that not only your guests are thrilled with them, but take them home and think of your business and your event every time they use them.

1. Gold mirror laser-cut placecards
Here's a gift and a placecard in one - a stunning gold mirrored acrylic placecard which features their name, laser-cut by Giant Invitation. I'd be amazed if any of these were left on the corporate guest tables. 100 placecards cost $130.

2. Personalised Sharpie
Everyone needs a marker in their arsenal of pens and the best-known one is Sharpie. Promotional Products enable you to get your logo added to the cap of a black, blue or red Sharpie marker and there'll be no doubt it's your Texta back at the office. You could always tuck their placecard in the clip. Minimum orders for 100 cost from $523.

3. Personalised key chain
You probably already have a keyring sporting the logo of your car make and/or gym membership fob. But does it have your name on it? No. And if you saw one with your name on it at the corporate event, you'd take it home and attach it to said gym bag, or anything else you want crystal clear is yours. Co Creative Design creates 5cm round keyrings in wood or acrylic with a metal "lobster claw" attachment to attach a bag or keyring. 100 key chains costs $1,600.

4. Custom matches
It's a rare home without candles these days. But sometimes those standard-size Redheads burn your fingers before you've finished lighting the Glasshouse candle. So gift your guests with extra-long matches, boxed in a custom branded matchbox by Co Creative. You can make your guests light up when they think of you. 100 custom matchboxes cost $341.

5. Book embosser
A wildly extravagant but incredibly useful gift for a publisher's book launch party are these custom book embossers from Sign and Seal. This stapler-like device is designed to emboss (with raised lettering) a logo or name, and message on the top or the bottom of a page, such as "From the Library of" to prevent books being lost. Emboss the custom message onto card, and attach the embosser to the card to make it a placecard and thank you gift in one. Each book embosser costs $69.

6. Custom wax seal
Who didn't thrill to watching characters in The Crown and Game of Thrones seal vital documents with a dripping red wax seal imprinted with their royal house? Whether they're sending a snotty letter over an incorrect traffic infringement or a top-secret letter to a spy on the other side of the world, a wax seal embossed with your guest's initials by Wax Seal is sure to be a hit. A wooden-handled gold embossed wax seal starts from $59 each for 25mm diameter, $67 for 35mm and $79 for 50mm, not including wax sticks.

7. Wine region map tea towels with personalised belly band
Is your corporate event taking place in the vineyards or hotels of the Adelaide Hills, Barossa, Canberra District, Clare Valley, Coonawarra, Geelong & the Bellarine Peninsula, Hunter Valley, Margaret River, McLaren Vale, Mornington Peninsula, Mudgee, Orange, Rutherglen, Tamar Valley or Yarra Valley? If so, there's a very high chance your venue is illustrated on the tea towel maps of these regions. Create a lasting Australiana keepsake by ordering 100 wine region map tea towels with a custom cardboard belly band personalised with a full-colour logo, a message for your guest, and their name making it a thank you gift and placecard. 100 tea towels with custom belly band for $1,700.