7 Event Planning Tips By Tori Allen Events [Guest Post]

May 22, 2020

The lockdown period due to coronavirus has forced many of us to change our approach to event planning, not to mention to postpone events altogether.

We interviewed Melbourne event planning company Tori Allen Events for our latest guest blog post.

What change do you anticipate happening with client events once we're allowed to have them again?

With a good chance that guest numbers at events will be limited for the short term, we do anticipate there to be a rise in more intimate style events. We will see suppliers being more creative as we have all had time to revitalise.

We also think there will be a newfound appreciation to be able to gather and celebrate. Here at TAE, we simply can’t wait to party again!

What is one thing would you like to educate potential clients about event planning?
Try not to stress over small things: enjoy the lead up. There will always be little hurdles, but you put them into perspective. It's good to delegate – people feel special when they are involved, and it can keep some of the busybodies out of your way! The next most important thing is to call TAE and discuss your planning and design - we got you!

What event trend do you see ending?
Design wise for us, we can see there being a farewell to the “pink-on-pink-on-pink” trend. It has had a pretty good run and has been a popular look for activations and events for a few years now!

What event trend do you see emerging?
Now more than ever we predict there will be a focus on creating sustainable events, and we will see a growth in the event experience becoming even more customised, not only to meet the client’s needs but also to be more community minded and wary of environmental impacts it may have.

After having to rely heavily on technology over the past few months we may also see an emergence of virtual elements incorporated into events, we can see this occurring more within corporate events.

What can Tori Allen Events do for clients they cannot do themselves?
Nothing makes us happier than creating lasting memories for clients. From start to finish our focus is the client and of course the event, we know how important it is for you to enjoy the journey and more importantly the event itself. 

Our events have the extra layer, the extra edge. We are able to step back and look at it holistically, we are less emotionally invested than you so can look at the bigger picture and really focus on what’s important.

You get to choose your favourite venue and decor for a media product launch, no expense spared. What is the venue, and what do you do with it?
We hear from one of our Creative Designers, Kate, on this one:
“I would choose a space that allowed me to meld the old and the new. Perhaps an old flour mill, or underground bunker, with beautiful exposed brick and intriguing features. I love combining the gorgeous textural features of buildings with history, whilst designing something clean and modern, bringing in hero lighting displays, cleverly curated furniture and other more immersive elements to create something unique”.

You get to travel back in time to a particular event or party. What is it? 
Alicia and James wedding hands down [all photos in this blog post are of that wedding shot by NSW photographer Mitch Pohl]. A gorgeous, epic party held at the botanical gardens with a modern “neon” twist on a classic British colonial style.

We created custom wallpaper, hot pink neons and a pink mirror bar atop a checkerboard floor with luxurious emerald booth seating. It was an incredible clash of styles that just suited the bride and groom to a tee.

If you were to plan an event in your favourite theme or colour, what is it and why?
We love to focus on the ambience of an event, rather than a theme as such. Creating a luscious menu, serving impeccable wine and having cleverly curated entertainment are all a must for us. Then of course working back with the venue to create the party atmosphere – Lounge pods, feature bar, incredible floral and of course the dancefloor!

In terms of palette and style, we think layering colours such as mid green and lavender or introducing shaggy style furnishings with modern perspex details are a clever way to add edge and a unique flair. We also find you don’t want to always use the current stock from our suppliers it’s all about mixing and matching old and new so you can create something that doesn’t feel too temporary (although it is!).

Most importantly your event wants to feel welcoming and the sort of event that you end up not wanting to leave!

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