7 Unexpected Instagram Accounts For Event Decor Inspiration

When you're creating an incredible event from scratch and need inspirational ideas to show your client, Instagram is nearly always your answer. Here's 7 international, and unexpected Instagram accounts you may not have seen before, that are worth following if you're in event management.

Andrea Riccio (@andreariccioweddingsolution), runs a gleefully flamboyant Italian event rental business which, like us, offers a bespoke service for custom-made decor pieces. Whether you're planning a brand activation or a birthday party, you're sure to get plenty of ideas to start with from Andrea. He certainly creates colourful and vibrant events. If like Andrea, you want to transport your guests to another world, check our fantasy theme event decor.

Moss Manila Design House (@mossmanila), This Manila, Phillipines-based event design company specialises in product launches. From Polar Express-themed, snow-dusted scenes for Christmasand tea chest-sized boxes of Jo Malone fragrance, to a vibrant surf fiesta feel for H&M and carved ice plinths for Magnum Ice Creams (in tropical Manila, don't forget!), you're sure to find something to inspire you. Make your clients feel extra special with our range of personalised custom décor. 

David Monn (@david_monn). Have you always wondered who is in charge of the MET Gala, or the White House dinner? It's David Monn! Whether it's his personal preference or client choice, his event design palette tends toward sophisticated monochromatic with the occasional pop of colour but there's always a "Wow!" factor. With more than 20,000 events organised, he certainly knows his stuff. Each post includes insightful notes about his idea behind each look with the occasional one revealing an interesting reason a particular item was selected - or even replaced. Planning on having a glamorous red carpet event? Check our range of sophisticated items. 

Party Slate (@partyslate), is an American Pinterest of the event industry. Venues and suppliers pay to supply numerous event photos and credit their businesses. Search by photos, event professionals, or types of events such as birthdays, bar mitzvahs, and corporate events. Dive deeper and search for example, corporate events>centerpieces and tablescapes.

If your roadshow is an international one and you need to source American venues, Party Slate is a great place to start as it lets you filter via guest numbers, venue type, catering and beverage options and amenities. Planning an event in Melbourne, Australia? Add real visual impact to your next client's event by hiring our cool props and accessories.

American Marcy Blum (@marcyblum), was named one of the world best event planners by Vogue, Harper's Bazaar and The New Times magazine. She works closely with floral guru, Preston Bailey and sophisticated events are her specialty. From pink velvet and gold-framed dining chairs on a clear perspex sheet platform over a swimming pool and a glittering event featuring acres of crystal chandeliers, to a Capri extravaganza dripping with suspended lemon trees and a children's party groaning with fairy floss mountain centrepieces, you'll adore her ideas. Hopefully your client has the budget to recreate the magic!

Renkli Fotoğraflarım (@renkli.fotograflarim) If you're having an event relating to a specific city, province or country, the incredible variety of landscapes captured in Turkish travel photographer Renkli's posts from retina-busting color-popping architecture in Little India, Singapore to pastel streetscapes in Havana, Cuba will give you plenty to consider while the locations' shapes, reflections and light displays will get your creative juices flowing.

If you are having a destination themed event, check out our range of items

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