Create A Hawaiian Wedding: #1 of 4 Beach Wedding Looks

There isn't just one type of "beach wedding". You might be surprised to know there are at least four very different styles to aim for when you want a beach theme wedding.

In this first in a series of blog posts, we'll look at the four most representative beach wedding styles, starting with Hawaiian.

This is bright and colourful, with an emphasis on greenery and flowers.

Hawaiian weddings look great with 70s maxi-dresses for the bridesmaids, and floral frangipani crowns for the bride, but you can tone it down if you wish with slightly more faded colours. Keep gold decor under control!

Popular decorating items include pineapples, hibiscus, surfboards, leis, palm fronds, monstera leaves, frangipanis and of course, candles! Chairs are either folding wooden, cane or bamboo. Tiffany chairs are too formal-looking for a Hawaiian theme and candelabras have no place here at all.

The best venue for an Hawaiian wedding is on the beach itself or in a park. It's fun and low-key, just like when you're on holidays.


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