Create A Rustic Natural Beach Wedding: #2 of 4 Beach Wedding Looks

In this second of four blog posts looking at the four most representative beach wedding styles, we'll look at Rustic Natural.

Imagine a wooden beach shack. Its paint - whatever its original colour - has long since faded, and possibly peeled, from the beating sun.

There's bare wooden floorboards, and the furniture is rustic. Certainly not new.

You might even see a vintage surfboard on the wall. The venue features seashells (naturally), driftwood that washed up on the beach and maybe some handpainted signs for fun.

Your venue could be on the beach itself, in an historic surf club or a "beach shack" style restaurant.

Rustic beach weddings typically include hurricane lamps filled with sand, shells and tea light candles, seashell placecard holders and wreaths, faded directional signs, wooden chairs (certainly no fancy Tiffany chairs here!) and show a restrained use of colour. 

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