Create A Nautical Theme: #3 of 4 Beach Event Looks

July 01, 2016


In this third blog post of the four beach event themes, we look at how you can create a nautical beach theme style.
Nautical beach themed events are typically held in a yacht club, mid-to-upper-end oceanside restaurant or marina function venue.

The event can be more polished decor-wise than the casual rustic natural beach affair, but it remains somewhat more restrained in colour and style than the laidback Hawaiian beach theme.

The most popular nautical colours are blue, yellow or red with white. Nautical flags, anchors, oars, ropes, light houses, ships, yachts and orange buoys are frequently used icons in invitations, menus and placecard settings.

Blue agate drinks coasters edged in gold make a stunning guest favour and colour pop on an otherwise elegant white and navy nautical tablescape.

Sailors are known for their love of a drink or three so references to drinking, and bars aren't out of place either. Since sailing requires navigation, a destination theme welcome sign, and matching destination theme seating plan, or a destination map illustration for your invitation suite can be appropriate, too.

Nautical themes can include shells and starfish, but usually just as accents. Like the rustic beach event theme, nautical theme parties tend to favour white or pale seashell decor, but not the pink or coral versions.

if you're partying on a boat or yacht, you might want to order shatterproof wine glasses, too.

Next blog post: #4 Beach Event Look - Underwater Fantasy

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