Create An Underwater Fantasy Theme: #4 of 4 Beach Event Looks

August 01, 2016

You're probably thinking that a beach theme has no place in a glamorous ballroom, but you may have a client who wants a beach theme while your sponsor want you to book a big ballroom for all your guests.

If none of the previous looks (Hawaiian, Rustic Natural or Nautical) covered in blog posts #1-3 appeal to you, the fantasy look is how you do it.

The key is to use blue colourwash lighting, to create a soft, ethereal Ariel The Mermaid look. It bathes the ballroom in blue as if you're underwater.

Add suspended balloons and ribbons from the ceiling to mimic jellyfish, and very tall clear glass vases with overflowing foliage to suggest seaweed, and you're halfway there.

Apart from the blue colourwash lighting, the use of colour is sparing, suggesting the literally washed-out look under the sea. Even bright colours appear somewhat muted. Think translucent, clear, reflective and pale. 

Anything neon-coloured (or that glows up under black light) would make it resemble a B-52s Rock Lobster video clip so be warned.

Reflect the room with mirrored bases or centrepieces. You also need silvery decor accents - cutlery, charger plates and mercury glass tea light holders to prettily reflect the light - and Tiffany chairs in clear acrylic to continue the fragile underwater look.

Wooden chairs are too heavy for this look - and avoid anything rustic unless you want your blue-lit room to look like a shipwreck. 

Enjoyed this? Planning a beach theme event? Find out the beach permits Melbourne councils need.


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