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What Your Decor Hire Company Wants You To Know About Your Venue Manager

June 22, 2017

When you sign on the dotted line to book your venue, you may have spent several meetings, and many hours with the venue manager, function manager, event manager, sales manager.

But did you know the person you signed the contract with - and have had the most dealings with - is not necessarily who will be managing your venue on the day?

Unless you have an event planner organising everything for you, you must have someone on the ground at your venue to accept and direct deliveries from event hire companies, cake makers, florists and so on.

It is a big mistake to think it is the original person you dealt with!

By the time your event rolls around, your venue manager could have left the company, or gone on annual, sick or maternity leave. The staff roster could have changed so that he or she no longer works every weekend.

The last thing you want is a courier trying to deliver supplies to someone who isn't even in the building on the day of your event!

Find out:

  • who is in charge on the actual day
  • their working hours and if they work the following day to help oversee decor collection etc
  • their email, mobile number and office address
  • who's their second-in-command if anything goes wrong

And make sure you clearly label your packages with your event name and date (and function room if applicable) to make sure it's not accidentally stored in a locked office!

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