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Delay And You'll Fail To Snap Up Unique Event Decor Hire Pieces

October 10, 2016

When you're planning your wedding, there are a number of decor items you will need to hire.

Peak wedding season in Australia - October through March - has already begun.

It is right now that couples are seeking some extra special pieces to make their wedding memorable and even Instagrammable.

Unfortunately as everyone else thinks the same thing at the same time, people start getting disappointed if they haven't been quick enough to book up our hard-to-get-items.

Think of it as a never-to-be-repeated promotion. Once it's gone, it's gone. A better organised couple than you have already seen it, loved it, and hired it!

I can't tell you how many people have been upset that the item they love is booked out - and has already been so for months.

Twenty per cent of our hire items are one-only items.

You simply cannot delay booking your wedding decor especially if it is unusual.

Book These Event Hire Products First
Each decor hire company or stylist will have a small number of items that are available in a quantity of one only.

One way to know it's a one-only item is because it is the only one in the photo!

You need to hire these unique, one-only pieces first if they are:
* one-of-a-kind - such as the handmade gold Indian wedding ceremony arch
* you can't buy it ie it's been discontinued - such as the contemporary gold striped vases
* antique or vintage
* you've never seen anywhere else online - such as the 85cm centrepiece cylindrical vase with battery-powered lampshade
* custom-made - such as the Happily Ever After neon sign
* eye-catching - such as the French Provincial birdcage wishing well
* handmade - such as the moss-covered table numbers or post box wishing well
* require an operator with the hire which creates limited availability - such as the fairy floss cart

Finally, the biggest clue you will get that the wedding decor product is unique is that the item you see is the only one that comes in your Google search in your area.

Contact us if you would like us to source or have something custom-made for you.

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