5 Ways To Get Your Bond Back On Rented Event Lanterns

September 20, 2016


If you're hiring any type of lantern - glass, wooden, metal or ceramic - for your product launch, store opening or corporate event from an event hire company, you'll have to pay a refundable bond. 


Most bonds are refunded in full only if the item is returned in the same excellent condition and the protective packaging in which you received it.

Since most event hire companies require their items back within a day or so it really doesn't give you much time to ensure your rented lanterns are returned in sparkling clean condition.

Here's 5 easy tips to ensure you get your lantern event hire bond fee back in full:
If you decide to use flameless wax pillar candles, you'll have no soot or wax to clean.

  • If you use real pillar candles, use soy candles as they burn at lower temperatures which mean they are less likely to melt and make a mess and they don't leave soot which you'd need to wash out.

  • If you're thinking of using paraffin pillar candles which do melt and make soot, make sure you order ones which come "set" in glass jars. The melted wax is then contained in the jar, not spread all over the bottom of your lantern.

  • If you use wax candles of any type - pillar, thin taper or tealight candles - cut the wick short before lighting. A long wick increases the heat of the candle, makes it melt faster and for pillar candles, creates the "mushrooming" effect where the candle melts and balloons over the side.
  • If you hire mercury glass candle pillar bases, do NOT use a dishwashing brush to scrub away soot as this will damage and remove the mercury glass finish. Instead use a microfibre cloth to wipe away any soot.

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