How Big Should Your Event Marquee Letters Be?

April 21, 2017

If you're having a special event where you want to display the ever-popular marquee letters in your venue, how big do you need them to be?

It really depends on how soon you want your guests to see - and read - them!

Are you trying to make a massive visual impact the second they arrive at the venue?

Are you using marquee letters for photo opportunities?

Are you placing marquee letters at the far end of the barn-size venue, on the bar or on the welcome table?

Then they can be smaller so they don't hide you, or the objects you're showcasing.

Here's a quick guide to working out the size of your marquee letters

25cm high marquee letters
These be read from 24-106 metres away - these are best for decorating your table to provide visibility.

50cm high marquee letters
These can be read from 60-240 metres away - these may be best for a bar or food station.

1.2m high marquee letters
These can be read from 145-610 metres away - but they will be waist-height so they may be best up on a podium.

1.5m high marquee letters
These can be read from 180-760 metres (that's around half a kilometre) away - perfect for a show-stopping impact on arrival

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