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How The Holidays Affect Custom Orders For Events

January 17, 2019

If you're planning a special event, you need to take note of when state, national and international holidays fall in 2019 to avoid delays impacting you, particularly if you plan to order custom products, and/or products in volume.

Let's take a look at Australia, China and the United States.

Apart from the 10 national holidays, Australia's five states and two territories celebrate seemingly dozens of days off statewide, and sometimes city-wide.

The Melbourne Cup falls on Tuesday 5 November but because of the huge pressure on the local event industry with the string of celebrations, promotions, product launches and corporate entertaining in and around the racing carnival, you need to place Melbourne Cup Carnival event prop orders locally by early September.

Easter falls rather late in 2019. Good Friday is 19 April, Easter Monday is 22 April and then Anzac Day falls on Thursday 25 April. Good Friday will create one four-day work week, with the Easter Monday and Anzac Day leading to a maximum of a three-day week.

Wouldn't you take off time too then, making use of all the public holidays?

As a result, many businesses could shut for holidays or have skeleton staff operating for up to 10 days (Thursday 18 April through to Monday 29 April). If your Australian event is in early May (such as Mothers Day) you will need to place your custom event-related order in Australia by late March.

As China has grown into a wealthy manufacturing powerhouse, you might be surprised to discover its citizens enjoy almost as many national holidays as western countries.

So what, you ask? If you want to source lower-cost customised goods, you simply must be aware of and plan for Chinese national holidays.

In 2019 the Chinese New Year will be officially celebrated for one week from 5-12 February.

However in reality, the workers travel home to their families to celebrate for several weeks over the new year. Factories halt mass production and even sample orders by 20 January. They will not start production until 28 February at the earliest, and those orders will be the ones still in the pipelines from late January.

Custom decor and prop orders for mid-March events must be finalised during December, especially if you need a sample to check quality.

They down tools again in October for the Chinese National Holiday which runs 1-7 October. Again, you need to place orders by early September for a November event.

Importing unique decor from the USA?

This year Thanksgiving falls on 28 November. With the international sales event weekend of Black Friday (Friday 29 November) and Cyber Monday (2 December), there is a very tight window for delivery between then and Christmas.

This coincides with the northern winter whose massive snowstorms seem to start earlier, create more havoc and last longer every year.

As a result, there is a incredible pressure on the airfreight courier companies such as DHL, Fedex and UPS to successfully deliver items purchased on online sales before Christmas Day. Don't believe the expected delivery date either - build in a couple of weeks' contingency time at least! Frequently they simply cannot deliver in time.

You could be setting yourself up for disappointment to order bespoke decorative details online in the USA in late November, expecting to receive them for your Christmas corporate event. Unfortunately, to get your goods on time you'll need to order props from the USA no later than early November for a December event.

Want your decor fast? Want your decor cheap? Want your decor to look good? You can pick any two. Here's how to choose.

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