How To Calculate Your Special Event Decor Budget

If you're trying to work out how much your product launch, store opening, corporate event, wedding or special event is going to cost, you need a calculator.

Here's a handy calculator widget that lets you easily see the cost per guest table with an easy slider with a built-in formula to give you a quick total and let you keep adjusting your costs. 

You can do it any way you like, such as starting with the decor budget first, and then entering the number of tables and see what number of items you can order with that cost in mind.

Event cost per table
Use our simple event decor cost calculator below to work out the number of tables, the number of items per table, and the decor budget per table.

You might have, for example, one centrepiece vase and one table number per table, but 10 tealight candle holders, or three lanterns per table. By adjusting one field you increase or decrease your costs.

Event cost per guest
Perhaps you're working out guest numbers instead. Varying your guest numbers is the quickest way to grow or cut your event budget.

Here you'll quickly see how much the cost for single per guest products like bomboniere, or multiple products per guest (ie cutlery pieces or sweets) may cost.

How to calculate your event budget


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