If You Have To Sell Your Used Wedding Decor On Ebay You Should Have Rented It

Many couples make the typical - although completely understandable - mistake of buying most of their wedding decor so they can relax they've got it in hand (literally).

And I say "mistake" because almost all of it can be rented.

Now clearly, it's not a "mistake" to buy any wedding items that are customised or personalised with your names and/or wedding date on it as that will be unique to you AND make a wonderful keepsake.

Clearly, it's also wise to buy anything that's perishable, such as candy for your lolly buffet, or silk flowers, or balloons as you can't rent those either.

However, I see brides buying decorative items that:

  • they don't need to keep (tea light holders, chair covers, easels, table numbers, candelabras, toasting glasses, photo booth sign, wishing well, birdcages, gift card boxes, tablecloths and napkin rings, for example)
  • don't match anything in decor-wise in their home
  • can cost as much if not up to three times more than the rental pice
  • were a passing trend rather than a decor theme
  • they'll only get a fraction of what they paid by selling them now secondhand on eBay, Gumtree or on a Facebook group page.
  • they intend to hire onto to other couples without considering the storage required, the time spent with couples who are "just looking" and don't go ahead, let alone the logistics in actually getting the items delivered and collected

There are several advantages to renting your wedding decor.

The more items you can rent from the one supplier will mean:

  • faster quote provision
  • lower overall delivery fees
  • quicker turnaround
  • less impact on the environment, especially if the suppliers are local
  • less coordination on your part to make sure all the different items have arrived from the different hire companies.

Check out some typical delivery fees for event hire companies


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