Infographic: The Increasing Impact of Decor On Your Special Event

May 12, 2017

The bigger your event, the more complex your event decor needs are.

This infographic demonstrates the easiest decor items you can start with, adding and increasingly layering upon them to showcase complex events.

If you imagine a simple dinner party at home - all you need are some tea light candles on the dinner table to instantly create a bit of atmosphere. 

But the type, quantity and style of decor items rises to meet the complexity of your goals for your event.

Adding balloons, cake & sweets, flowers and signage lifts the impact for an anniversary event at a restaurant.

A store launch or charity fundraising event requires custom signage, corporate themed guest favours, catering and decor to suit your client's business.

A massive multi-day event such as the Victorian Racing Carnival demands clever and complex layering of themeing, from the invitations and rental furniture, to the lighting and props and accessories hire used.

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