What Letter Height You Need For Visibility At Your Event

August 22, 2018

If you're organising an event and want to include signage, you need to specify your signs to be a particular height to ensure they can be seen from a distance.

So how high do your signs have to be to be seen clearly across the room?

Table numbers
Most event organisers order seating plans to show people what table they've been allocated to.

But unless your seating plan also includes a diagram of the tables in the room, chances are your guests will be walking around, hunting for their seats.

However, unless you've booked a massive function room, most venue spaces are not hundreds of metres long - which means that you don't need a toweringly high table number for the table to be located fairly quickly.

If your table number is illuminated (such as in the image), the brightness enables you to order a lower-height table number than if it was not lit.

A 10cm table number can be seen from 12 metres away.

A 15cm table number can be seen from 18 metres away.

A 20cm table number can be seen from 24 metres away.









Event signage
If you are advertising a product, service or event, or directing customers to a specific location - such as an expo stand, or grazing table - you'll want clearly visible signage to point them in the right direction.

You'll obviously need larger height letters to direct people to your stand if it is designed to be seen across the expo hall, than if it is a sign that visitors will see when walking past or in a more intimately size venue.

A 30cm high letter in a sign can be seen from 36 metres away.

A 55cm high letter can be seen from 60 metres away.


Marquee lights
Hiring marquee numbers or letters as a photo opportunity area to celebrate a merger, marriage or anniversary remains incredibly popular.

But how high do your marquee signs need to be? These are typically meant to create a Wow factor element the moment guests enter the venue space.

Here though, the issue may be less that your guests can see them from a distance, and more that you may want them to be a certain height so guests' bodies don't block them in photos.

A 120cm marquee letter or number can be seen from 72 metres away.

A 150cm marquee letter or number can be seen from 90 metres away.

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