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My Wedding Decor Has Merged With My Event Decor

April 29, 2018

Three years ago on 23 April 2015, our original wedding decor website My Wedding Decor was launched. 

We had struggled to find themed decor pieces from centrepieces to table numbers for our own destination theme wedding in October 2013.

Discovering how hard it was to find unique decor, along with the prices (including GST), we launched My Wedding Decor to make the process fun and easy as possible.

Our first customers however were event managers who discovered our items for purchase and hire for their corporate events.

After about 50 telephone and email enquiries that began with, "I know you just do weddings, but..." we realised it was important to create a second, non-wedding decor website.

In January 2017, we launched My Event Decor to help event managers source, hire, buy and get custom-made items for their product launches, store openings, expos, festivals, charity galas and corporate events.

We instantly attracted stylists, event designers, and marketing managers who found our unique decor pieces - as well as couples and stylists.

So you can discover the widest range of unique arches, centrepieces, guest favours, lanterns and lighting options, props, sweets & treats, and table numbers, it has become vital to merge My Wedding Decor into My Event Decor.

We hope you enjoy what you discover!

Check out our range of unique themed decor & props for hire
Check out our range of unique themed decor & props to buy and keep forever

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