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Product Launch Ideas To Create A Buzz For Your Event

March 07, 2017

Product launch ideas

Ready to launch your exciting new product? You'll get plenty of product launch ideas from My Event Decor which has a range of decor and ideas to help launch your product with a bang!

Your product launch should generate a buzz on social media helping to promote your brand, business and new product.

Whether you've got a new fashion range, food product or even a new car to launch we can help ensure that your event hits the right note!

Planning a product launch event

In planning a product launch event from start to finish, you will need to consider:

Media releases and marketing

Get people talking about your product launch event with a tantalising media release that grabs their interest. Why not entice them to attend with juicy descriptions of your product, fascinating live demonstrations if possible, tease them with an eye-catching gimmick such as a 3D photographic backdrop that will capture everyone's imagination, and encourage them to RSVP now with a wow-factor location.


A key factor in the success of your product launch will be the venue you choose. Make sure that it provides a perfectly matched backdrop for your product. If the product is a luxury item go all out with a venue that matches the quality of the item. If its an outdoor product why not create a secret garden location?

Decorations and Theme

Why not launch your product with some Hollywood glitz? A glamorous backdrop and featured marquee light will ensure that clients remember your event and your new product! Are you launching at an expo? You might want a customised gold stickers with your company logo.

Remember, you need to make a big effort here with your decor because you will want your guests to add live images from the product launch to their social media accounts, complete with hashtags and your correct account links.

It's vital that your venue and the decor you've bought, hired or had custom-made, looks amazing and picture-worthy so that people will share it on heavy image-dominated social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. It is increasingly common for businesses to gain new customers from their products being showcased on Instagram in particular.


Build excitement for your product launch with exclusive pre-order offers only available at the launch. This will ensure that clients see the benefit in attending and make time in their busy schedule.


Ensure your guests are the people you're marketing too. Use your customer database to select a perfect guest list.  A list of your loyalty program members will also help you select guests that already know and love your brand!


Ensure your product launch invitations go out well advance, allowing your clients to add the date to their calendar without them being booked out. Includes all the details - date, time, venue, dress code if applicable and RSVP date and contact details. Pique your clients' interest by including some information about your product and give them an exclusive reason to attend.

Gifts & Party Favours

Help your clients remember your product with a gift they can take home. Be imaginative and think laterally. For example, a new home loan service could give guests logo-ed tape measures. An event to launch a new range of jewellery could treat attendees to customised drawstring bags. A French-themed product launch could give out macarons.

Everyone loves food so why not treat them to customised logo gingerbread cookies. Or if your product launch is a sit-down event with a garden or outdoor theme why not use our glass potted succulent that work as both place settings and guest favours.

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