Seasonal Events: Planning Events in Summer: #3 of 4

This is the third in our 4-part blog post series of planning events in a particular season (See our previous post, Seasonal Events: Planning Events in Spring: #2 of 4.)

A summer event is always a highly popular option for a corporate event.


Because the sun is shining, you can have an outdoors event (and at night as well) and you have an enormous range of venues to choose from. And let's face it, everyone is in the mood to party!



  • Be flexible if your favourite venue is booked out - have you thought about booking a mid-week event to secure the venue of your dreams (and save money?
  • Consider organising a corporate event around Christmas-time if you'd like to invite your clients' or employees’ family to maximise the holiday spirit!
  • Remember that mid-February summer events are more expensive for floristry thanks to the rocketing price of roses and so on at Valentine’s Day
  • Allow time for items to be custom-made, especially if the firm closes for several weeks over Christmas/New Year


  • Think you're restricted to beach themed events - you could have a wonderful outdoor festival event theme, in a park or garden, or set your corporate event in an historic venue
  • Delay in securing your venue - competition is fierce for summer events
  • Dismiss a summer corporate breakfast - the sun rises early and it's less hot for clients - plus it frees them up to attend lunch, cocktail and late night parties
  • Forget to give your clients lots of lead time and send the invitations (electronic or paper version) early to ensure a high rate of guest attendance for this busy event season


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