Seasonal Events: Planning Events in Winter: #1 of 4

If you haven't yet decided when you should organise your next corporate event, there are several things to consider. 

Some important seasonal event factors may include choice, budget, location, type of venue space, availability, holidays and important events, weather conditions and venue suitability for the seasonal theme. 

Here, we look at in turn, the things to consider for each of the seasons with first blog post in the series of four, covering Winter. 

Prepare your dream corporate winter event
Traditionally, winter-time is the event industry's low-season in terms of popularity for corporate events between June and August.

But this is a great thing! Choosing a winter date might seem like a surprising choice for a seasonal corporate event but no-one said you had to sit and freeze outside.

If you're searching for a venue space (especially between September-March) and it seems like everything's booked out or getting wildly expensive, consider setting your event for winter instead. Here's why.


  • Consider that booking a winter event can give you the most choice, the biggest discounts and the best availability for your favourite suppliers as well as better access to the normally booked-out high profile suppliers
  • Realise that you can afford to invite up to twice as many guests as it would cost you for a summer event, and more guests will be available to accept your invitation with fewer events during winter
  • Remember that winter days are shortest in late June so anything arranged for outdoors must finish at around 5pm in Melbourne
  • Consider using more foliage and greenery for your decor - or silk flowers - as fewer fresh flowers are in season in winter


  • Feel you are stuck to a winter wonderland theme if that doesn't appeal to you - as long as you and your guests are warm and toasty, you can choose from many themes and colour schemes
  • Forget you can dress up your tables with glossy, colourful Christmas ornaments if you like the idea of a Yuletide in July theme
  • Forget a winter event is the best time to book an historic venue with a real, roaring fireplace, and covering your tables in masses of pillar candles
  • Dismiss booking out a beach resort if it's a three-day event as even if guests can't suntan by the pool, they'll enjoy the activities and spa facilities on offer and chance to relax 

     Check out our next post for planning events in Spring

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