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Seasonal Weddings: Getting Married In Spring, Summer, Autumn Or Winter

January 20, 2018

Seasonal weddings: Tips for all seasons
If you haven't yet decided when to tie the knot, there are several things to consider when organising your seasonal wedding. Some important seasonal wedding factors may include:

  • Choice
  • Budget
  • Location
  • Type of wedding venue
  • Availability
  • Holidays and important events
  • Weather conditions
  • Venue suitability for the seasonal theme

    Summer wedding dos and don'ts

A summer wedding is always a highly popular option for a seasonal wedding.


Because the sun is shining, you can have your ceremony and/or reception outdoors (and at night as well) and you have an enormous range of venues to choose from. And let's face it, everyone is in the mood to party!




  • Be flexible if your favourite venue is booked out - have you thought about booking a mid-week wedding to secure the reception venue of your dreams (and save money?
  • Consider getting married around Christmas-time if you'd like to invite friends and family who live interstate or overseas to maximise the holiday spirit!
  • Remember that mid-February summer weddings are more expensive for floristry thanks to the rocketing price of roses and so on at Valentines Day
  • Allow time for items to be custom-made, especially if the firm closes for several weeks over Christmas/New Year


  • Think you're restricted to beach wedding themes - you could have a wonderful outdoor festival theme wedding, marry in a park or garden, or set the date in an historic venue
  • Delay in securing your venue - competition is fierce for summer weddings
  • Dismiss a summer wedding breakfast - the sun rises early and it's less hot for guests
  • Forget to give your guests lots of lead time and send Save The Date cards for this busy wedding season


Tips for a classic autumn wedding

Why are autumn weddings such a good seasonal wedding option?

Autumn weddings offer warm days and crisp evenings and seem especially made for rustic affairs in barns, vineyards, orchards and farms with the bounty of harvest time.

After November, March and May are the next most popular months to marry in Australia.


  • Consider an outdoors autumn wedding. The gorgeous golden-red leaves look amazing in your wedding photos
  • Consider getting married at lunchtime if you love that sumptuous yet rustic harvest feast look with lots of communal tables
  • Check if Easter falls on your wedding weekend as this can drive up prices, and reduce hotel availability 
  • Be prepared for surprisingly hot days for an autumn wedding, especially in March - Melbourne hit a maximum of 40.8C on 8 March 2016


  • Forget that autumn is the time for food & wine festivals, so you could combine your wedding with a visit to a festival for a wedding weekend to remember
  • Feel you must choose the traditional autumn orange, red and brown colour scheme if they're not your favourite colours - it's a time of year, not a mandatory theme
  • Dismiss the idea of marrying interstate - for example, Brisbane offers warm days with low humidity so you get the sunshine without the perspiration
  • Forget that Mother's Day falls in May which can make it a more expensive than usual date for booking weddings with restaurants and florists, and some of your guests may have to decline your invitation due to family commitments.

Prepare your dream winter wedding

I bet you'll be one of the few couples in your circle of friends to consider getting married between June and August.

Choosing a winter wedding date might seem like a surprising choice for a seasonal wedding but no-one said you had to sit and freeze outside!

If you're searching for a venue and it seems like everything's booked out or getting wildly expensive, consider setting your wedding date for winter. Here's why.


  • Consider that booking a winter wedding can give you the most choice, the biggest discounts and the best availability for all your suppliers
  • Realise that you can afford to invite up to twice as many guests as it would cost you for a summer wedding, and more guests will be available to accept your invitation with fewer events during winter
  • Remember that winter days are shortest in late June so your ceremony must finish at around 4pm in Melbourne if you want wedding photos taken before sunset
  • Consider using more foliage and greenery for your decor - or silk flowers - as fewer fresh flowers are in season in winter


  • Feel you are stuck to a winter wonderland theme if that doesn't appeal to you - as long as you and your guests are warm and toasty, you can choose from many themes and colour schemes
  • Forget you can dress up your tables with glossy, colourful Christmas ornaments if you like the idea of Yuletide in July theme
  • Forget a winter wedding is the best time to book an historic venue with a real, roaring fireplace, and covering your tables in masses of pillar candles
  • Dismiss the idea of getting married in a ski resort - imagine all the romantic wedding shots in the snow, with you wearing fur coverlets


Wedding tips for the spring bride

Spring is eternally popular as the season of choice for brides.

You have the biggest choice of flowers coming into bloom then and spring symbolises growth - the perfect symbol for marriage.

And you may have noticed the light is softer than the bright glaring harshness of the summer sun, making you glow in your wedding photos.

Here's what to consider about marrying in spring.



  • Enjoy that spring features the biggest range of flowers for your wedding, including one of the most popular, peonies (from late October to December) 
  • Realise that you must book your venue far ahead as spring is so popular
  • Remember that with the extra pollen in the air, a garden-based spring wedding may be a factor to consider if you have allergies
  • Avoid booking a late November wedding if you have many friends and family with teenage and/or twenty-something children doing exams around that time as they and their parents will be stressed!


  • Feel you have to stick to pastel shades just because it's spring
  • Forget to check what date Grand Final is as you don't want to lose your (male) guests' attention as they check their phones for updates during your wedding!
  • Forget to organise wet weather contingency plans if you marry outdoors as rain is common during spring 
  • Forget to ask about getting married in a city garden or park for the beautiful background shots

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