Suggested Wording For Personalised Fortune Cookie Messages

If you're ordering personalised fortune cookies for your event as a surprise sweet treat, you're probably wondering what messages you can include to delight your recipients.

Our stunning, sugar-dipped fortune cookies give you up to five personalised messages per order of 50.

Just think, you could make a message that's specific to one table of 10 guests, depending on who you've seated together.

Suggested fortune cookie message wording
Fortune cookies offer you a fun and novel way to present different messages. Here's some to get you thinking:


  • Promote a fund-raising auction "You might win a [X product] in the silent auction - bid now!"
  • Announce they've won a meet-and-greet "See our event team to arrange your special back-stage pass to meet [X celebrity]
  • Fun way to distribute random prizes "If you have this fortune cookie, you've won a lucky door prize"
  • Wish a specific VIP guest a very happy birthday
  • Tell them about your post-event plans "After-party is at [X] venue
  • Thank your supplier tables "Thank you for making our product launch such a success"


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