The Surprise Planning Tool To Avoid Event Planning Disasters

If you're planning your next product launch, store opening, charity gala or corporate event, you'll want it to run smoothly.

Well here's one ancient special events planning tool you may have never considered.

Not only can it help you select a suitable date for your event, it can warn you against particular periods when people will make mistakes, you'll encounter frustrating delays and setbacks. 

Yes, it's astrology.

Before My Event Decor, I ran It's In The Stars, an astrology website from 2006 to 2014. In fact, it was the difficulty I discovered finding interesting themed decor for my own wedding in 2013, as well as a lack of pricing transparency on many event hire websites that led me to launch My Event Decor's precursor, My Wedding Decor on 23 April 2015.

How Mercury retrograde affects special events planning

Mercury retrograde refers to a three-week period every three months where the planet of communication appears to stop and go backwards across the heavens.

Mercury rules everything to do with communication (email, text, phone, snail mail, social media, contracts, conversations, quotes and messages) and transport (hire cars for VIP guests, taxis, Ubers, trucks, deliveries, postal vans, courier companies etc). All of these are vital to event planning.

When Mercury is retrograde, it is common for:

  • email enquiries to go to spam folders
  • to not receive voicemail messages
  • to write down the wrong phone number
  • to misinterpret something over the phone
  • to leave out important information
  • to forget to chase something up
  • to deliver to the wrong address
  • for key contacts to be sick or on holidays
  • for suppliers not to call you back
  • for the quote to get revised
  • to change your mind several times
  • to "think" you have all the time in the world!

If your event falls during a Mercury retrograde period, you need to triple-check all guest, venue and supplier arrangements to the point of embarrassment.

If you are planning a future product launch, store opening, expo or corporate event, build in expected delays and potential errors in supplier correspondence as well as delays in actual items being delivered during the Mercury retrograde period.


If you have a particularly long lead time, you will notice that your contacts who have been failing to return your emails, phone calls, texts and quotes, who haven't got signoff from their boss, who are sick, on holidays or away on business will come back to - and possibly with a decision - on the day Mercury turns direct.
The next Mercury retrograde dates this year will be 25 July-18 August and 16 November-6 December 2018.


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