How To Transform The Plainest Venue Into A Garden Wonderland

January 29, 2018

Do your clients want a garden-themed product launch, store opening or corporate event?

If you're tearing your hair out because they've hired the most boring and least garden-y blank function space possible, and you don't know how to fill it to transform that boring box of a room, don't worry.

There are 10 garden-themed related items you should consider ordering to invoke Mother Nature - or faux nature - no matter what time of year beyond hiring floral centrepieces to turn your event into a garden wonderland.

1. Floral and foliage chandeliers
You can order a custom flower-decorated chandelier to go over your venue dance floor, over your expo stand, the display table, the bar or over every guest table.

They can be custom-made with in-season flowers, created with a mix of faux and genuine florals, feature some foliage or be made entirely of leaves and fronds, and they can feature crystal chandeliers, fairy lights, festoon lights or anything else you care to suspend. 

2. Wreaths

Wreaths are not just for Christmas! They make fabulous garden-themed decor for any season.

They go perfectly on the venue door, around a hurricane pillar candle lantern, dotted down the staircase balustrades, as a centrepiece, or arranged to suspend horizontally like a chandelier over a table.

3. Corporate guest favours
Keep the garden theme consistent by giving guest favoursthat match your event decor. Give your guests baby olive tree saplings, Cote Noire fragranced flowers or customised plant pots with removable message inserts (and add your own foliage).

4. Potted trees
Using trees in your corporate event garden decor makes it feel instantly like the outdoors. Depending on the height of tree used they can balance soaring ceilings in huge ballrooms, helping to create a forest effect.

Smaller-scale areas can use trees to cordon off VIP areas, provide privacy from curious passers-by and, depending on the product, possibly even to display them.

Consider for example, hiring orange trees and placing your client's juice bottles in the pots. Or perhaps a faux cherry blossom tree would be the perfect item to top a display of fragranced soaps, hand washes or flavoured foods.

5. Tree log slices
Tree log slices are your quickest (and most affordable) decor choice when it comes to creating a rustic garden effect.

Layer them with pillar candles, use them as platters for antipasto, for cupcakes, as base for domed glass cloches, as stepping "stones" to your corporate venue, and of course, as displays for your client's products.

They are especially good display devices for displaying products to appeal to men.

6. Floral or foliage walls
Floral or foliage walls remain an ever-popular way to add an instant garden feel to your event and make an excellent photo wall opportunity.

They're free-standing but are best positioned against a wall.

You can order custom floral walls in colours to suit your client's logo or hedge walls made of faux boxwood.

7. Moss table coverings
For a dramatic look, why not cover the product display table, welcome table or grazing table in faux moss?

Faux moss is obviously the perfect choice for a fantasy, Alice In Wonderland or perhaps an escapist woodland look.

Do keep in mind that you will need display items with some weight to them as moss is not evenly distributed and can make your displays not sit flat!

However, this grass-like effect creates a garden effect in no time! Add candelabras for some fantasy decorating.

8. Astroturf and picket fences
If your venue flooring is made of polished concrete, parquetry, rubber matting or carpet, it won't evoke much of a garden atmosphere.

Cover the floor in green artificial turf and border it with white picket fencing to create a charming outdoor garden effect. If you're decorating an expo stand, consider a fantasy garden floor.

9. Garden furniture
Once you've ordered your greenery, continue the theme with careful selection of the garden furniture.

The furniture you choose needs to match with your style of garden decor - Hamptons, Palm Beach etc.

But it's not just tables and chairs you should incorporate to fully execute your garden theme.

Why not lean an arched French Provincial mirror in front of some potted trees to create that fantasy garden effect. Hire market umbrellas as if they're sheltering from the sun.

10. Candy cart
Another option to help create an outdoors feel to your event is to hire a pretty white wheeled candy cart.

Their vintage charm appeals to so many people.

Guests are guaranteed to flock to your cart display - that's why they hire them all the time in shopping centres as mini kiosks

You can use them to display a mix of your client's products and fresh flowers, drinks, desserts, or cocktail canapes.


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