Say Aloha To Tropical Beach Resort Event Decorations

August 22, 2017

While summer seems the obvious season to hold a beach party, winter is a popular time to escape to the tropics, even if only via some carefully chosen props.

Many people suffer Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) to some level thanks to the lack of sunlight and warmth.

But luxe beach party decorations will lift your employees' spirits, get customers excited about summer, and of course, they're an excellent way to get potential expo visitors in the mood to try your beach-related fashion, food or homewares products.

Why not hire a clamshell? You could fill one with crushed ice and a few artfully placed bottles of wine, beer, coolers or champagne on your bar. Alternatively, fill them with lemons and limes.

They also look equally inviting filled with golden sand and long-burning tealight candles to set the mood.

Tropical event furniture hire

You can't have a tropical beach party without hiring the right type of furniture to set the theme.

Tropical event furniture can be Palm Beach glamorous, Miami Vice pastel candy-coloured, Fiji casual (I'm thinking hammocks here) or boho luxe in style. It just depends how "classy" you want to make it.

Compare the stylistic impact of a single-seater or double-seater rattan peacock chairsagainst an outdoor suite of white Chinese Chippendale armchairs and sofas. 

Hawaiian party decorations

If it's raining or blowing a gale and the sun's not behaving itself, you can still "go troppo" with fun Hawaiian party decorations, get your guests to come in costume, and serve themed food and drink.

Tiki decor continues to be an ever-popular beach decor theme choice.

Are you keen to get your event on Instagram? Why not get your photo taken in front of the 3D photographic backdrop of a tropical sunset beach scene. It really looks like you're there!

Hire plenty of Kentia palm trees to set the summery atmosphere. Place a pair of peacock chairs underneath for those yummy cocktails.

Monstera leaves continue to be outrageously popular: you can order them as cool leafy placemats, as bases for a grouping of tea light candles or as a luxurious looking tropical foliage arrangement.

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