Twice As Many Couples Booking Mid-Week Weddings

September 01, 2016

My Wedding Decor surveyed 357 couples to identify the most popular day for weddings.

Saturday remains the most popular day, with 53.2% of couples, followed by Friday (14.3%), with Sunday in third place (11.8%).

However, while Monday-Thursday weddings account for only 20.1%, the rate of couples getting married more than doubled from 5.6% in the 2015/2016 financial year to 13.2% in 2016/2017.

Couples who book mid-week weddings do so to secure their venue and preferred vendors without waiting years or months for them to become available, to save money on weekend rental prices, to spend more time with overseas guests, and to have more time to individually style their venue.

Everyone wins with weekday weddings. You get the venue of your dreams, you can have an extended break with friends and family who have travelled a long distance to attend, and it is faster and often easier for suppliers to deliver mid-week which mean they can offer lower prices, especially around delivery.

You also get much more time to decorate your venue without being rushed. Compare that to Saturdays when many venues provide you with as little as 90 minutes between weddings to set up the room from scratch.

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