Typical Delivery Fees For Event Hire Companies

Many clients forget to provide room in their budget for delivery and installation fees.

It can be hard to know how much they can cost as so much depends on:

  • the complexity or intricacy of the job
  • the size of the truck needed ie an order for 100 x Ghost chairs needs a much bigger truck than an order for 100 x sets of rainbow iridescent cutlery
  • the number of staff needed to provide delivery, installation and pickup
  • the type of venue
  • the access to the venue - loading dock, lift, stairs, off-street parking
  • the time it has to be delivered and collected - anything outside business hours rises in price; anything at midnight costs twice as much while public holidays are very expensive for deliveries
  • the distance taken to drive to the venue, back to the warehouse, back again to dismantle, pack and reload the truck.

Types of delivery jobs
Small jobs can vary from just one item - such as a donut wall at a nearby product launch, a 3D tropical beach holiday island photo backdrop at a local waterside restaurant, or an illuminated A1-size light box for an expo stand- to a small number of perspex plinths or a modest copper geometric terrarium centrepiece hire order you may prefer to collect yourself (if applicable).

Medium jobs can include the hire of live goldfish bowls with custom aquatic decor, several dozen clear acrylic Tiffany chairs (requiring a van) to the hire, installation and fitting of 200 x white lycra chair covers.

Large jobs can include the hire and installation of say, 500 x bentwood chairs, the outside deck flooring for an expo, or the supply of all crockery, glasses, cutlery and table linen.

Average delivery fees up to 30km away
A small-medium job = up to $200
A medium-large job = up to $400

Average delivery fees 30-50km away
A small-medium job = up to $300
A medium-large job = up to $500

Average delivery fees 50km+ away
A small-medium job = up to $700
A medium-large job = up to $1,000

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