Discover What Balloons You Need For Your Expo Stand Or Product Launch

If you plan to include balloons in your decor for your corporate event, the type of event you have will determine the type of balloons you need.

Will your event run for 12 hours or less?
If you are planning a media launch, charity fundraising luncheon or corporate dinner which will last several hours for example, you have the most flexibility with balloon choice as the balloons don't have to stay afloat as long.

You can expect to get up to 12 hours floating time from traditionally drop-shaped, 30cm latex balloons so it is best your balloons are one of the last items to be delivered, inflated and installed by your supplier before your event starts.

Latex balloons are porous and when inflated with helium, the helium starts to seep out from the moment the balloon is filled.

Will your event run over several days - or even weeks?
If it is for a gala store opening weekend, an expo or multi-day festival, you need to use mylar foil balloons.

Mylar doesn't allow helium to escape as quickly. In general, foil balloons are long-lasting when filled with helium and stay afloat for days (sometimes weeks), so they can be filled a day or so prior to an event. 

Because they last so long, if you have them branded, your logo will float on several days or weeks after your event has passed, continuing to remind your customers about you.

Will you add event decorations to your balloons?
Are your balloons intended to float as is, or are you adding further decorations to them?

Did you know that anything you add to your balloon - whether it's made of latex or mylar foil - adds weight, and therefore negatively impacts the overall float time as every gram counts!

Consider how long the event needs to last for as you will have far less float time if you use foil ribbon or paper tassels or add confetti or any other internal balloon feature!

Those tiny mini balloons which some people use at baby showers - or as a fun table decor for any event - float for only 1-2 hours because they have far less helium capacity with which to float.

If you use these, use very light ribbon as this will add weight too. 

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