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What To Include In Your VIP Customer Night Event Budget

September 11, 2017

In our previous blog post we discussed how you can organise a great VIP night.

The very first item after the venue and refreshments (people will stand a long time to listen to a company announcement if the catering is first-rate), are the themed props and furniture to set the scene.


Hire props and furniture

Props and furniture are essential in making your VIPs feel special! But why buy an item for a one-off use if you can hire it instead when hiring is so easy and cost effective? 

If you're looking to create a period VIP event you have to hire these incredible black Louis-XV leather sofas! 

They look great in lounge areas, around the dance floor or next to the bar and your VIPs are sure to appreciate having a place to rest.

Our three tier gleaming gold bar cart provides a fabulous display for your glasses, champagne bottles or set with candles reflecting light of the mirrored base. 

Perfect for intimate VIP cocktail parties, Christmas functions or exclusive drinks product launch.

Long rectangular dining tables are the current trend for events. 

They take up less space than round tables and allow intimate conversation with your immediate neighbours. 

Our wooden 8-10 guest tables will provide a rustic feel for your VIP event perfect for product launches, lolly buffets or communal dining table.

Treat your VIP customers to memorably sweet gifts

Sweets provide the perfect treat for your VIPs. They can be enjoyed during the event or as take-home mementos that promote your business or product.

Our strawberry tower will be the star of your lolly buffet! 

And it's fruit - so that makes it part of you daily 2 and 5 serves, doesn't it?!

Coated in white, milk and dark chocolate you can customise your strawberry tower to be coated in a variety of colours and toppings, such as gold paint, gold leaf, dragees, swirls or marbelisation to match your event colour scheme and branding.

Another fun VIP customer treat idea is to order our scrumptious macarons customised with your company brand slogan, logo or product photo for your VIP dessert bar? 

The macarons come in six colours and delectable flavours sure to make your VIPs mouth water.

Everyone loves gingerbread so why not send your VIPs home with our 
customised corporate gingerbread biscuits

Our gingerbreads come in a choice of flavours and are then are hand-iced with your logo and individually wrapped.



    Event lighting hire

    Event lighting hire is crucial is setting the right atmosphere for your VIP event.

    We've sourced everything from antler chandeliers for a macho expo stand to thousands of LED pillar candles to illuminate a warehouse.

    Flattering, warm lighting will make your guests feel comfortable and relaxed.

    Our flameless LED amber pillar candles create a warm glow throughout your venue. 

    They are a perfect alternative when your venue won't let you use real candles because of fire risk or mess from melted wax. 

    They look fabulous inside our rustic lanterns, too!

    Has your VIP night being held in a venue with lots of function rooms - or could they find it a little hard to find your venue space?

    Then point the way to the fun for your VIPs with our marquee 50cm LED arrow light! 

    Place it anywhere to show them to the bar, the bathrooms, the dancefloor, the auditorium or the VIP launch booth area!

    It will give some Hollywood glamour to your VIP event photos, too!


    Transport your VIPs to Morocco with our colourful mini glass lantern string. 

    This enchanted lighting will enhance any exotic themed VIP customer evening event and adds a delightful touch of the kasbah!

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