When To Use Wax Pillar Candles, Tea Lights & Flameless Candles At Your Event

When you're planning your special event, the merits of genuine wax pillar and tea light candles vs flameless LED pillar and tea light candles may be one of the furtherest things from your mind.

But it makes an enormous difference to the style, cost, and safety levels of your event.

Tea light candles
Long-burning - usually 9-hour burning - tea light candles are designed for weddings and other events which run for many hours, and they always look beautiful flickering gently in tea light candle holders, especially when reflected in mirrors. 

Unless you buy the special 9-hour burning tea light candles, the 100-pack of tea light candles sold at Ikea and other shops offer only 2-3 hours burning time which means your tea lights will have burnt out well before the main course ends, thus killing the atmosphere! You also cannot hire them.

Flameless tea light candles

You can buy or hire as many as you need. They suit opaque tea light candle holders which are deep and narrow, helping to hide the entire "body" of the candle unit. 

You may be asked by your venue to use these. They are obviously fake... They look awful in transparent glass tea light candle holders, as well as any type where the candle sits flush with the holder as you will be horribly transfixed by the fakery of the flame!

As a side note, you will never ever see any flameless tea light candles featured in wedding magazine centrepiece features - unless the votive holders hide them inside by opacity or height.

Wax pillar candles
They look amazing lit up in gleaming hurricane lanterns, ornate Moroccan lanterns and dotted in groups in fireplaces, on mantelpieces, windowsills, on your wedding reception table, guest tables and along pathways.

They melt and drip, creating a mess in the lanterns and pose a potential fire hazard. They can be expensive per candle and you can't hire them.

Flameless pillar candes
They're no fire risk, they create no mess, and you can buy or hire flameless pillar candles. You don't usually see the  fake "flameless" flame unless you peer right down into the pillar candle. Most guests understand that many venues have a flameless candle policy!

None - you can hire them and give them back.


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