Chandelier Cane Lobster Pot 80cm Pendant Light

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How perfect is this stunning, super-wide diameter cane lobster pot pendant light for your beachside cafe, restaurant, bar or venue.

Handcrafted from cane into a beautiful oval shape, watching your chandelier gently bobbing above you, it's not too hard to imagine it hauled from the ocean over the fishing trawler packed to the brim with briny, snapping lobsters and Moreton Bay bugs.

Create that summery feeling all year long
Your beautiful handmade cane lobster pot chandelier features a brass lamp fitting, 2m of white electrical cord, and a mains electrical cord so you can simply plug it into socket in the ceiling or wall.

Your lobster pot chandelier light includes a E27 filament bulb for extra atmosphere.

Each handmade cane lobster pot chandelier measures 80cm in diameter x 42cm high.

This listing price is for 1 x 80cm cane lobster pot chandelier.

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