3D Background Hall of Mirrors Melbourne Hire

The Hall of Mirrors at Versailles Palace near Paris, France, is one of the most jaw-droppingly beautiful rooms you'll ever walk through.

Built for the Sun King, King Louis XIV, who was no stranger to extravagance and glamour, he commissioned expert Venetian mirror master craftsman to design and build this incredible 73-metre long room of mirrors from 1678-1684.

Whisk your guests to Versailles Palace
Enjoy the amazing sense of standing in front of our stunning, three-dimensional photographic background of the Hall of Mirrors for your glamorous special event. 

The backdrop is designed for you to stand on the foreground of the image, which creates the amazing 3D effect of you really being IN that scene!

The photo background measures 305cm wide x 610cm long and will need to be suspended against the wall on our included background stand which measures 3m wide x 3m high.

This hire listing price is for 1 x Hall of Mirrors Versailles Palace wall for 3 days hire with business hours delivery and pickup to and from Melbourne metropolitan areas (postcodes  3000-3207, 8000-8399 only).

Bond fees
Please note: when you add this product to your cart, the $100 refundable bond will be added automatically.

Please note: This hire item is not locked in for your event until fully paid for. You may risk being disappointed if you delay. Don't miss out!