Candle Holder 11cm 12cm 16cm Glass Cubes Black Metal Edge Set of 3


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One of the coolest looks in decor is streamlined geometry.

Perfect for a contemporary-style product launch, store opening, expo stand or corporate dinner are our set of three glass box tealight holders.

Edged in matt black metal, the lidded trio catch the light in the most appealing way with tealight candles. Instant modern cool!

The cubes measure 11cm wide x 11cm long x 10cm high, 11cm wide x 11cm long x 12cm high,  and 15cm wide x 15cm long x 16cm high.

This listing price is for a trio of black metal edge glass cube tealight holders. Click here if you want to purchase tea light candles.

If you order today for delivery in Australia, the expected delivery date is 12 or later.

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