Cutlery Clear Perspex Gold 500 Piece Set

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If you order today for delivery in Australia, you should expect your order to arrive 23 October 2021 or later.

Update your venue cutlery with a set made to impress the jetset crowd.

Featuring clear lucite handles on burnished gold stainless steel hardware, these knives, forks and spoons instantly elevate your event into something very special indeed for 100 guests.

Contemporary style lucite handled cutlery
Transparent angled perspex makes these so contemporary and the gold metal flatware ensures glamour all day long whether you're serving breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner or a late-night supper at your venue.

The listing price includes:

  • 100 x lucite-handled gold entree forks
  • 100 x lucite-handled gold dinner forks
  • 100 x lucite-handled gold bread knives
  • 100 x lucite-handled gold dinner knives
  • 100 x lucite-handled gold dessert spoons

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If you order today for delivery in Australia, the expected delivery date is 23 October 2021 or later.