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Lamp Lava Bubble Retro Event 36cm Lighting Feature

Every retro party should have a lava lamp to create a "Groovy, baby!" ambience and if you're having a geek theme event, there is no better or (literally) hotter light source!

Our lava lamp features space-age purple liquid with rolling, tumbling globs of wax that makes such a pleasing, hypnotically transfixing movement to watch.

Place our lava lamp on your registration table, lolly buffet or bar a couple of hours before guests arrive to melt the solid wax at the base of the lamp. The effect is quite magical.

Please note, the aluminium casing does get hot to melt the wax globs so you will need to keep this lava lamp out of reach of little ones' hands.

Please note: you will receive a lava lamp in one of the following colours: in red wax in purple liquid, red wax in yellow liquid, white wax in purple liquid (looks pink), white wax in yellow liquid (looks gold) or yellow wax in blue liquid (looks green).

The lava lamp measures 36cm high x 9cm wide and includes a 25W bulb.

This listing price is for 1 x lava lamp.