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Smell the irresistible aroma of chocolate. Hear the soft crunchy crack of biting into a chocolate-covered strawberry. Take a bite into that luscious fresh fruit, feeling happy that yes! you have had at least one of your 2-and-5 serves today.

This medium-sized chocolate-dipped strawberry tower is the star of your lolly buffet. Some of you may even choose to order one as a striking, edible centrepiece.

Your chocolate-dipped strawberry tower, which rests on a gold, silver or white cake board, needs to be made the day of - or the day before - your event to ensure its freshness.

Your tower must be kept and served indoors in a cool area, preferably with air conditioning - it cannot be placed in direct sunlight.

Have your 60 strawberries coated in sophisticated dark chocolate, or creamy white chocolate or classic milk chocolate. Cover it in pretty silver dragees or in exuberant swirls of chocolate icing or gold dusting. Your preference is up to you. You could even have fresh rosebuds in place of your strawberries if you like.

The tower measures approximately 32cm high.

This listing is for the medium 60-strawberry tower, for delivery in metropolitan Melbourne, VIC only. It is also available with 80 strawberries and 45 strawberries.

Christmas holiday closing dates: 22/12/2017 to 02/01/2018.

If you order today for delivery in Melbourne, the expected delivery date is 7 or later.

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