Candle Holder Botanical Garden Woodland Fern Print Set of 4


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Our set of four naturalistic, brown and green coloured fern print candle holders is perfect for a rustic woodland theme product launch, store opening or corporate event.

Handpainted and digitally transferred onto rice paper on an acrylic cylinder tube, our leafy fern print looks as breathtaking whether your battery-operated tea light candles are switched on or not!

Or you may prefer to place your flowers in a narrow container inside the holder to use it as an original, fern-print vase!

The four candle holders will make a beautiful and eye-catching light source long after your event.

The candle holders come in a set of four, measuring approximately 13cm (small), 17cm (medium), and 20cm (large) high x 7.5cm wide, and 25cm (extra-large) high x 10cm wide.

This listing price includes 4 x fern print candle holders.

If you order today for delivery in Australia, the expected delivery date is 21 or later.

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