Candle LED Pillar Tiered Heights 5-17cm Set of 5 Ex-Rental

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This product is in stock, ready for immediate dispatch and if you order today in Australia, you should expect your order to arrive 07 December 2023 or later.

Bunched groups of pillar candles make an instant visual impact at your event!

And if your venue won't let you use real candles because of fire risk or mess from melted wax, this ex-rental set of 5 x LED pillar candles is perfect for your event.

Group them all for that magical, massed effect
The ivory LED pillar candles feature a visible "flame" that flickers incredibly realistically with
 a smooth, wax finish body and even a slightly melted look at the top.

Please note: the box originally contained 6 pillar candles but the tallest candle (22.5cm high) has been lost in previous rentals. This box contains 5 pillar candles as per the listing.

Tiered heights LED pillar candles dimensions
The five pillar candles measure 5cm high x 4.8cm wide, 7.5cm high x 4.9cm wide, 10cm high x 5.1cm wide, 12.5cm high x 4.9cm wide, 17.5cm high x 4.9cm wide, powered by LED CR2032 batteries that run for 72 hours.

The listing price is for 5 x ex-rental LED pillar candles from 5cm-17.5cm in height. We have 6 x sets available.

Pre-Christmas 2023 delivery deadline for ordering items under $100

Area Cost Ordering deadline
WA & NT (6000-6999, 0800-0899)
$25 Monday 27 November
QLD (4000-4999) $25 Monday 27 November

NSW (1000-1999, 2000-2599, 
2619-2899, 2921-2999)

$25 Friday 1 December
SA (5000-5999) $25 Friday 1 December
TAS (7000-7999) $25 Tuesday 5 December
ACT (0200-0299, 2600-2618, 2900-2920) $25 Tuesday 5 December
Regional VIC (3208-3999) $25 Thursday 8 December
Metro Melbourne (3000-3207, 8000-8399)
$20 Tuesday 12 December
Pickup Brighton, VIC by arrangement Free Thursday 21 December

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