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If you're having a lolly buffet, dessert table or a fun display, you'll love creating words with our white ceramic letter and shape dishes.

Why not order our set of 3 x dishes for two initials and an ampersand ("&") to spell your and your partner's initials - or why not order enough letters to spell out the name of a new product or company in full?

Each white ceramic dish fits in the size of your hand, measuring about 15cm high x 2cm deep so they're meant as fun feature dishes, not as your only serving dishes!

Use them to match your colour scheme eg red Lindor balls, or red M&Ms for a red wedding, create alternate dishes with colourful Jelly Belly beans or serve savoury snacks in them such as olives, smoked almonds, pretzels or wasabi nuts.

This price listing is for a set of 3 x white ceramic letter or symbol dishes.

Please note we do not sell less than 3 x dishes but will happily arrange a pro-rata order amount for 4 x letters or more.

Please specify what letter or symbol/s you want in the Notes section in checkout.

If you order today for delivery in Australia, the expected delivery date is 7 or later.

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