Chandelier Crystal Ice 5-Ball 90cm Space Age Theme Lighting


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First, an admission: We love these ice ball lights so much we have them in our own home.

Designed to resemble a perfectly carved ball of ice with tiny water bubbles, the shape of them also remind me a bit of the Death Star.

The 5 x LED globe-lit chandelier is clearly space-age modern in theme yet it remains so glamorous in appearance.

If your store sells cutting edge products, you'll want one of these for statement lighting.

Or buy one for your modern theme event and then keep afterwards as a striking feature lighting piece in your home.

Each ice ball light measures 10cm in diameter.

The ice ball chandelier drop length ranges from 90cm to 200cm.

This listing price is for one chandelier with 5 x ice ball lights.

If you order today for delivery in Australia, the expected delivery date is 16 or later.

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