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Neon Name Customised Slogan Script Sign Per Letter

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If you order today for delivery in Australia, you should expect your order to arrive 01 March 2021 or later.


Neon is the hottest look around!

Create a neon sign to spell out your company name or slogan. Your neon word can be up to 20 letters including spaces, in a variety of colours.

Your neon sign is energy-efficient as well as fabulous
Your neon sign is created from safe, energy-efficient, low-heat-emitting LED neon flex and mounted on a clear perspex sheet and comes with an electrical cord and plug.

As our LED neon light tubing is 10mm thick, it can only be cut at intervals of 35.7mm which affects the proportional length and height of the sign design.

Please note: The maximum possible width of your sign is 100cm wide depending on the height and shape of the letters used. In general, your sign will be around 20-35cm high.

Because neon light is so bright, your name or message can be seen from a surprisingly long distance across the room.

The colour of the neon lighting available is light red, light green, light blue, light yellow, warm white, cool white, light lavender, ice blue, light orange, light lemon, lemon, red, green, blue, yellow orange and pink. Please see attached colour chart.

Simply specify in the Notes section at checkout:

  • what letters you want (including upper and/or lower case) with a maximum of 20 characters including spaces
  • the colour of your LED neon flex tubing
  • whether you want your sign to be wall-mounted or to be suspended from the ceiling by wire.

Please note a 4-letter neon sign costs 4 x $75 = $300, a 5-letter neon sign costs 5 x $75 = $375, a 6-letter neon sign costs 6 x $75 = $450 and so on.

Simply add the number of letters in the quantity box to see the final price.

This listing price is for 1 x neon letter and fittings for either wall-mounting or suspending your sign.

Please note: we have a minimum 3-letter word order.

Shipping fee Area Postcode range
$20 Melbourne metro 3000-3207, 8000-8399
$25 Sydney metro 1000-2234
$25 Regional VIC 3208-3999
$25 Adelaide 5000-5199
$30 ACT 0200-0299, 2600-2618, 2900-2920
$30 Regional NSW 2235-2599,  2619-2899, 2921-2999
$30 TAS 7000-7999
$35 Brisbane & Gold Coast 4000-4287, 4300-4305, 4500-4519
$35 Regional SA 5200-5999
$40 Regional QLD 4288-4299, 4306-4499, 4520-4999
$45 WA & NT 0800-0899 6000-6999

If you order today for delivery in Australia, the expected delivery date is 01 March 2021 or later.