Customised Chocolate Dipped Strawberries Melbourne Event Delivery Set of 50


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Who doesn't love a luscious, fresh strawberry?

And when it's coated in richly dipped chocolate and maybe dusted with metallic gold dust, or covered in painstakingly pretty beading and dragees or silver cachous? They'll be snapped up super-fast from your lolly buffet!

Order your loose tray of delectable chocolate strawberry treats to be customised with delicious chocolate coating, in various colours and with various toppings and you can arrange them as you wish on a cake, dessert trolley or on a silver tray to be handed out with champagne.

Your chocolate-dipped strawberries need to be made the day of - or the day before - your event to ensure their freshness.

This listing is for a set of 50 loose chocolate strawberries for delivery in Melbourne, VIC only.

If you order today for delivery in Melbourne, the expected delivery date is 7 or later.

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