Please note there is a minimum $200 hire threshold excluding bond and delivery fees

Customised Neon Name Slogan Script Sign By Letter

Neon is the hottest look around!

Create a neon sign to spell out your company name or slogan. Your neon word can be up to 20 letters including spaces, in a variety of colours.

Your neon sign is created from safe, energy-efficient, low-heat-emitting LED neon flex and mounted on a clear perspex sheet and comes with an electrical cord and plug.

Each letter measures 20-35cm high. Your sign will be as long as your neon word/s. For example, our 12-letter company name "My Event Decor" with spaces between the words measures 107cm long and has been hung from the ceiling.

The colour of the neon lighting available is light red, light green, light blue, light yellow, warm white, cool white, light lavender, ice blue, light orange, light lemon, lemon, red, green, blue, yellow orange and pink. Please see attached colour chart.

Please specify what wording you want (upper and/or lower case) with a maximum of 20 characters including spaces, the type of font, and the colour of your LED neon flex tubing.

Please also specify if you want your sign to be wall-mounted or ceiling-suspended with wire.

Please note: To order a six-letter neon word, please enter "6" in the quantity, to order a 10-letter name you need to enter "10" in the quantity and so on.

This listing price is for 1 x neon letter and fittings for either wall-mounting or suspending your sign.

If you order today for delivery in Australia, the expected delivery date is 28 or later.

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